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Detailed Comparison of 15 VS 17-inch laptops

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15 inch vs 17 inch gaming laptops

The15 vs 17-inch laptop fued is all about laptop screen size comparison. This is because the size of a laptop is the very first trait people pay attention to. And that’s why it is one of many features that you should check before buying a laptop.

Every laptop size has its own perks and benefits and they come in various sizes. Their screen sizes range from 11-inch to all the way up to 19-inch.

Mini laptops with 10 to 11 inches screen sizes are lightweight and portable. Business users prefer 13 or 14-inch laptops as they are easy to carry.

But the most used ones are 15-inch laptops and 17-inch laptops.

We have done a detailed comparison of 15-inch vs 17-inch laptops for users. This will help you understand the pros and cons of each size and you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Difference between 15-inch vs 17-inch laptop

Consumers often compare 15-inch laptops with 17-inch laptops. In fact, there is a serious 15 vs 17-inch laptop feud going on.

However, picking one over the other is difficult as both are equally effective and productive. For travellers, 15.6-inch laptops are more suitable while 17.3-inch laptops are good for home or office use.

The choice really depends on the way you want to use your laptop.

Whether you need a laptop just to work from home or you’ll be using it in the office as well. Do you need a student laptop for college assignments, gaming, or both?

What is the most popular laptop size?

The most popular laptop size for gaming and office use is 15-inch. However, 13 to 15 inches laptops are more popular among professionals and business users.

Buying Guide for 15 vs 17-inch laptops

Are you planning to buy a laptop but are stuck with the decision? If so, this guide will help you with the 15-inch vs 17-inch laptop dilemma. There are some aspects that you must consider while picking a laptop.

To help you make a better decision, we have discussed these factors briefly. This includes 15.6 vs 17.3 laptop size comparison, laptop use, and personal needs of users.

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15.6 vs 17.3 laptop size comparison

Before we jump to laptops usage, let’s clear out the basics. A comparison of 15.6 vs 17.3 laptop size will help you make a better decision. The standard size of a laptop screen is measured diagonally.

Below is a size comparison of 15 and 17-inch laptops measured in length, width, and height.

15.6 vs 17.3 laptop size Display Comparison Chart

15.6-inch laptop103.99 inches²13.60 inches7.65 inches
17.3-inch laptop127.89 inches²15.08 inches8.48 inches
15-inch vs 17-inch laptop

If both have a 16:9 display aspect ratio:

  • A 15.6-inch laptop will be diagonally 9.83% smaller than a 17.3-inch laptop.
  • A 17.3-inch laptop will have a 22.98% larger display area than a 15.6-inch laptop.

Other Things To Consider While Comparing 15 Vs 17-Inch Laptops

There is more to consider than just measuring the display size of two laptops. If you cannot make a clear decision, take the following factors into consideration.

What Are Your Needs?

There is no need of buying a laptop if it cannot meet your needs. So, put your needs first when you are weighing the pros and cons. Do you need a large display for programming and multitasking? Does your desired 15-inch laptop have a numeric keypad? More importantly, does it have room for hardware upgrades?

If all you need is a laptop for everyday needs, go for 15-inch laptops. But if you want a larger display to work on spreadsheets, explore 17-inch laptops.

Where would you use it?

Getting the desired laptop size for work, play or entertainment is easy. But do you have the right space to place your desired laptop? If yes, it does not matter whether you pick a 15-inch or a 17-inch laptop.

For example, if you have a desk, you can place a laptop of either size. But if you have a small office, a 15-inch laptop is more suitable for you.

Do You travel frequently?

This is one of the major deciding factors for a 15 vs 17-inch laptop. If you commute often, 15-inch models are the best laptops for travel. They weigh less, are easy to carry, and you can use them while commuting. Most 17-inch laptops are often bulky and too large for airplane trays.

15 Vs 17-inch gaming laptops – What’s best for You?

Both 15-inch gaming laptops and 17-inch gaming laptops are equally efficient. Whichever size you pick, you will find the best gaming laptops with desired specs. The main key factors for gaming laptops are hardware, display resolution, and productivity. The price-to-performance comes next if you are looking for cheap gaming laptops.

Almost all top brands offer gaming laptops in both sizes. You can buy a 15.6 or 17.3 laptop for gaming at affordable prices. But the question is which one is the best for gaming?

Which one is best: 15 or 17-inch gaming laptop?

It does not matter whether you buy a 17 or 15-inch gaming laptop. What matters the most is its gameplay performance, including the battery life and cooling system.

The real comparison between 15-inch gaming laptops and 17-inch gaming laptops comes down to portability and display. This is if both have the same specs and hardware.

The decision of choosing a 17 or 15-inch gaming laptop will fall on portability and convenience of use.

You must consider where you will be using it the most. If you are planning to take it with you often then buy a 15-inch gaming laptop. But if you will use it mostly around the house, then buy a 17-inch gaming laptop.

15-inch Gaming Laptops – Portable and affordable

Portability is the most valuable feature of 15-inch gaming laptops. These portable gaming laptops weigh less but offer almost equal firepower.

You can easily pack them and take them with you in a backpack. Most 15-inch gaming laptops are less expensive than 17-inch gaming laptops. However, they lack behind when it comes to offering a better colling system.

17-inch Gaming Laptops – Better display and cooling

The best 17-inch gaming laptops come with a bigger display panel. They offer detailed visuals with bright colors, thanks to larger screen sizes.

Also, they have wider chassis, which means a better colling system and more space for hardware. But 17-inch gaming laptops are a bit chunky than 15-inch gaming laptops. You cannot take them from one place to another so often.

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Final note

Picking a 15-inch or 17-inch laptop depends on the user’s needs. The choice relies heavily on the place of use and purpose of use. If you travel frequently, a 15-inch laptop is great for both work and gaming. A 17-inch laptop is a better pick for avid gaming and office use.

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