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Advantages And Disadvantages of Smartphone Technology

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Advantages And Disadvantages of Smartphone Technology

Smartphone technology has truly revolutionised our everyday life. There is no denying that it has divided the universal timeline into two eras. At one time we had punchy phones with numbers and now, we have devices with touchscreens. Touch technology is now shaping the future and modern-day life revolves around it.

The use of smartphones is pretty common now. More and more people are buying smartphones or replacing them with new ones. With the emergence of fifth-generation mobile technology, 5G smartphones are now steering the market. The best 5G smartphones are nothing less than a computer.

How many people have smartphones?

According to Statista, there were around 3.6 billion smartphone users in 2020. This number is expected to grow up to 4.3 billion users by the year 2023.

The data states that there are 298 million smartphones users in the USA. The number will reach new heights as there will be 311.53 million users in 2025.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Smartphone Technology

Smartphones are having an impact on almost all paths of life. With the evolution of mobile technology, we are now reaping its impacts. From health to business and social life to education, smartphones have changed our society. In fact, there is a hot debate going on why cell phones should be allowed in school.

However, the debate cannot go on without looking at the pros and cons of smartphones. And before we jump in this direction, we must not keep any biases in mind. We must weigh the advantages of smartphone and the negative effects of cell phones.

Advantages of smartphones

The advantages of having a smartphone are aplenty and hard to ignore. We have enlisted the most acclaimed advantages of using smartphones.

Ease of Communication

Smartphones are the result of evolution in the earliest communication devices. However, these smart devices have transformed the way we communicate with each other. Smartphones have shifted SMS to real-time text messaging through social apps like WhatsApp. But the biggest impact is video chat which is not allowing people to communicate virtually.

Information Access

The World Wide Web or the internet was working before smartphones, but access was limited on mobiles. Smartphones enabled us to research any topic, anytime, anywhere by integrating mobile browsers. In fact, mobile web browsing has overtaken desktop search.

People are now searching for information, products, eating points, and nearby services using smartphones.

Entertainment Source

If you have ever used a smartphone, you know these devices are a great source of entertainment. You can listen to music, explore fun videos on YouTubes, and watch movies online. There are smartphones apps that allow you to read books. Mobile gaming is another industry that is growing rapidly, thanks to smartphone advancements.

Entertainment mobile apps like Spotify, iTunes, Netflix, Google Play Books, and Ted are popular. There is nothing you cannot do on your smartphone from booking a movie ticket to ordering a delicious pizza.

Boost in Productivity

I often say that your smartphone is as helpful as your apps. Apps can boost your productivity level and help you accomplish more in less time. Android smartphones have access to around 2.56 million apps through the Google Play Store. Whereas the Apple App Store has nearly 1.85 million different apps for iPhones.

Productivity apps are helpful in completing essential day-to-day tasks. There are apps to keep track of your meetings, to-do list, spending and more.

Advantages of Smartphones for Business

Smartphones have also generated new possibilities for business and employment. E-commerce stores, vendors, and service providers can now reach their consumers directly. Smartphone has also created new domains, such as app development and mobile gaming. The advantages of smartphones for business includes transactions, online purchasing, and more.

Aid in Education

Smartphones are playing a major role in education, especially in learning new skills. Children, fresh graduates, and unemployed people are benefitting from using educational apps. So, in a way, smartphones are helping people advance in their careers. They are learning by watching educational videos and/or playing educational games.

Freedom of Search

When you have a smartphone, you can search about anything on the internet. People can type questions and queries that they are afraid to ask others. Google search engine is now allowing people to search with photos to help them find the right product or place.

Advantages of Smartphones in Healthcare

Smartphone users are now using these devices for health information. People now have quick access to info, and they can find nearby health facilities. Plus, there are health apps that let you manage your prescriptions, and you can compose health notes.

You can use health apps to track your heart rate and blood pressure. You can also use apps to manage your exercise and diet plan.

Social Impacts

The introduction of smartphones has considerably changed social life. You can now connect with people around the globe and have a virtual meetup. Social media apps are not only bonding people but also helping them to expand their businesses.

Negative Effects of Cell Phones

We cannot turn a blind eye to the negative effects of cell phones. There are some downsides of using smartphones that can make your life worse. Take a look and know what are the negative effects of cell phones.

Smartphone Addiction

Yes, you read it right. Smartphones are keeping us close to our loved ones and offer access to social media, but they can become an addiction. Excessive use of smartphone is a thing, and it can become a problem.

According to eMarketer, an ordinary US citizen spent around 3:06 hours per day using a smartphone in 2021. That is around 46.5 days a year but the stats for adults are more alarming. The average time spent on the smartphone by a US adult was 3.43 hours per day. This gives us a period of about 52 days or 7 weeks and 3 days.

Negative Effects of Cell Phones on Human Health

Continues use of mobile phones can cause serious health issues. And if you do not use it rightfully, the dangers of cell phone may surpass its benefits. Sleep deprivation and eye strain are the most common negative effects of cell phones on your health. However, there is no scientific proof that cell phone radiation can cause cancer.

Source of Distractions

Smartphones can distract your attention from work in school and office. Using a smartphone can interrupt your routine and leads to disruptions. However, you can easily avoid this by putting your smartphone away or in your bag. Frequent checks are not bad but frequent use of smartphone is not good.

Privacy Risk

Smartphones may have offered us the freedom to search freely but it comes with a cost. The privacy risk of using a smartphone or searching on the web is far bigger and worrisome. Hackers may get to your personal data when you access the internet through your smartphone.

Also, search engines like Google and popular social media apps like Facebook collect your personal information. This information is then either sold to third parties or used for marketing purposes. You must know how to make your smartphone secure from such threats.

Negative Social Effects of Cell Phones

Smartphones are a way to connect with people through social apps. However, cell phones are becoming the reason for poor social interaction as users spend more time using apps. They are spending less time with people outside. The negative social effects of cell phones are becoming more harmful. The new generation has less empathic connection toward each other.

Then there are negative effects of cell phones on communication. The use of smartphones during social interactions also has its effects. It reduces the quality of communication and decreases the impact of your face-to-face meetup.

The Bottom Line

The conclusion of the advantages and disadvantages of smartphones is imprecise. They are useful in everyday life but using too much or the wrong way will only cause distractions. There are side effects of smartphones on teenagers, including both mental and physical health. So, you must use smartphones as a learning tool and a device to entertain when necessary.

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