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Are 60hz monitors good for gaming?

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If you are a gaming freak, then you might know the importance of a display while you are gaming. A display can affect in a major way, and it can always make or break your gaming experience. There are few things which can make a monitor good enough for your viewing pleasures, and one of them and probably the most important one is the refresh rate. 60Hz refresh rate is most common in affordable gaming monitors, but is it really good for gaming? Before we answer that question let us first find out what refresh rate is.

What is Refresh Rate?

Refresh rate is simply how many times a monitor refreshes the screen, or produces a new image per second. For example, if the refresh rate of your monitor is 60Hz, then it means it can refresh the screen 60 times in a second. Although the concept is in many ways is like the fps, but these both are not the same. A good refresh rate lets you experience crystal clear and smooth visuals, whether you are gaming or streaming. The Higher your refresh rate is, the smoother your visuals will be.

Can Your Computer Handle It?

There is one more thing to keep in mind, and that is whether your computer can handle the refresh rate or not. It means that if your computer is able to produce only 50 frames per second, but your monitor has a refresh rate of 120Hz, then your display will show only 50 frames and not 120, because your computer is not able to keep up with the monitor. Similarly, if your computer is producing 500 frames per second, but your monitor has the refresh rate of 60Hz, then you will be able to see only 60 new frames in every second. So, it is highly recommended, that before you go to buy a high refresh rate monitor, just make sure the CPU and monitor are able to work with each other the right way, so you get the desired results.

Is 60Hz Good Enough?

Well, if we answer this simply, then yes, it is good enough for your gaming needs. The visuals are smoother, and you can play single player, multi-player and most of the latest high-end games with ease. There are plenty of advantages of having a 60Hz refresh rate monitor.

Cheap and Affordable 60Hz Monitors

The first thing is the price factor. These 60Hz monitors are considered the best budget gaming monitors you can find. They cost you much less but provide adequate power and performance. Even though a 120Hz monitor would perform much better but they cost more. So, a 60Hz affordable gaming monitor can be a best option for you, if you are looking for good quality without putting too much stress on your wallet.

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Good For Console Gaming

Most of the gaming consoles like PS and Xbox are not able to keep up, with the high refresh rate of your monitor. Even if you buy a high refresh rate monitor the frames being pumped out by your gaming console, won’t be able to match with the monitor. A 60Hz monitor is just about right for your console gaming.

High Resolution on Cheap Price

There is one more thing to keep in mind, that the resolution and refresh rate are not linked with each other in any way. It means you can still buy a 60Hz monitor, which can give you the resolution of 1440p or even 4K pixels resolution.

You will only be needing a higher refresh rate monitor, if the GPU you are using is able to pump out huge amounts of frames. So, to enjoy the visuals to the fullest you will require a higher refresh rate monitor. In addition to this, if you are a competitive gamer, then you might be needing any advantage you can have, to give you extra edge over your opponents.

Budget Gaming Monitors

Now that we have established that a 60Hz display is good enough for most of your gaming, let us take a look at some of the best budget gaming monitors, which you can buy for your gaming arena.

ASUS TUF VG289Q1A – Best ASUS 60Hz Monitor

Display28 in Screen Size, 3840 x 2160
Response Time5ms
Refresh Rate60Hz
Aspect Ratio16:9

Asus TUF VG289Q1A is the best affordable gaming monitor, you can find for your gaming sessions. It has a wide 28 inches display, which gives you the resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The colors you see on the screen are always sharp and vivid, whereas the overall picture quality leaves you mesmerized. The gaming experience this monitor gives you is pretty good. It has a quick response time of 5ms, which keeps the ghosting effect and motion blur away from the visuals. Plus, the 60Hz refresh rate works really well to provide interruption free gaming. It is also equipped with AMD FreeSync technology, so your GPU and monitor always stay in communication with each other. The anti-flicker technology never lets the pesky flickering or interruption ruin your fun, while the low blue light feature always keeps the visuals comfortable and soothing for your eyes.

ASUS VP28UQGL – Affordable ASUS 60Hz Monitor

Display28 in Screen Size, 3840 x 2160
Response Time1ms
Refresh Rate60Hz
Aspect Ratio16:9

Asus VP28UQGL is equipped with a huge 28 inches display, which lets you enjoy the resolution of 3840×2160 pixels larger than life. The quick response time of just 1ms along with the refresh rate of 60Hz, combine to give you buttery smooth gaming experience every single time. It also features an Adaptive Sync technology, so the frames which are being pumped out by your GPU are met the right way by the monitor. With such great gaming performance, it won’t be wrong to call this monitor the best affordable gaming monitor.

Bottom Line

Well, there you have it, a good 60Hz monitor can be adequate enough for your gaming needs and other viewing pleasures. It provides decent performance while also saving you some money. But if you are willing to spend big bucks and are using a much powerful CPU or GPU, then you should go for higher refresh rate monitors.

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