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Are Ultrawide Monitors Good for Gaming?

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The one thing which makes or breaks the PC gaming experience is definitely the display. And Ultra-Wide monitors are a big thing nowadays, thanks to their detailed visuals. Gaming freaks need a display, which is best suitable for their gaming preferences and lifestyle. A good display can take your gaming sessions to the next level, and make you indulge more in your game.

So, before you start browsing, learn what to look for in a gaming monitor.

The best curved ultrawide gaming monitor can let you see every single detail, in your gaming visuals. But are these ultrawide monitors really good for gaming? Well, stick around and find out.

Advantages of Ultrawide Monitors

In order to find out whether ultrawide monitors are good for gaming or not, we must take a look at the pros and cons of it. First, we will be talking about the pros or advantages of ultrawide monitors.  

Wider Field of View

If you are a true gaming freak, then you must know the importance of a wide field of view. You get more screen to see all the details and areas of your game easily. Playing your open world games and exploring new areas will feel so smooth, that you will get lost in the game. The more field of view you have the more immersive your gaming experience will be. Playing your favorite first person AAA games will look great on it. Games like GOD of War or Battelfield will leave you dazed and amazed. 


Another great thing about ultra-wide monitors is that they give you so much screen space, so you can get your other tasks done as well. You can even split the screen or open other apps. For example, if we take a look at Lenovo ThinkVision gaming monitor, then it gives you the great features like Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Picture-by-Picture (PBP), which give you the freedom to get your other tasks done, or open other apps as well while you are in the middle of your gaming session. It can be a good thing if you want to get your things done while you game. 

Crisp and Clear Visuals

The best curved ultrawide gaming monitor can give you extremely clear visuals, with sharp and vivid colours. You can enjoy the bright images with life-like graphics, which will definitely take your gaming to the next level. The colours and contrast are never bland. Exploring new areas in your survival horror games will feel great and realistic.

4K gaming monitors with Ultrawide display can deliver more fun in case you want to enjoy the realistic. A 144 Hertz gaming monitor can deliver your crisp visuals. With AMD FreeSync technology, you get the smooth as silk in-game graphics, free from screen tearing and input lag.  

More Ports

Ultrawide gaming monitors have more space in the back, which means more ports can fit on them. With a plethora of ports, you can connect your other devices or gadgets, which will enhance the gaming experience. You can connect good quality speakers or headsets to enjoy the gaming audio. Connecting other monitor to enjoy multi-display experience can also be done with ease. It will take your overall gaming fun to the next level. 

Disadvantages of Ultrawide monitors 

With pros of an ultrawide gaming monitor there are also some cons. Let us checkout some of them as well.  

Not every game is compatible with the wide field of view, and may cause stretching in pixels, which will harm the overall gaming visuals. 

The ultrawide gaming monitors tend to put too much stress on your GPU, because your GPU will have to deal with the higher resolution. If you are using a weak GPU, it will surely affect on in-game visuals.  

Ultrawide monitors are much expensive. So, if you are finding a monitor, which is under your budget then you might want to go for something much cheaper. (Try some good AOC monitors, which are cheap and performance-oriented as well.) 

Final Verdict: 

Well we discussed all the pros and cons of getting an ultrawide monitor for gaming. These may have their disadvantages, but overall a best curved ultrawide gaming monitor can give you the gaming experience of a lifetime. So, if you are ok with the cons, then it is recommended that you get an ultrawide gaming monitor, in your gaming arena and take your gaming sessions to the next level. 

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