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Best 27-inch Gaming Monitors by AOC

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AOC Gaming C32G2AE-BK 31.5 inch Full HD LED Monitor

AOC monitors are a good option for budget-minded users. They are not the best, but they are worth every penny. These budget monitors deliver a solid, reliable performance for a low cost under 500. The best AOC monitors are suitable for both home and office use. If you are looking for a cheap monitor to savour the gameplay, look no further.

AOC gaming monitors have got everything that a gamer wishes to get. Their display quality, brightness, better refresh rate and response time make them more tempting. You can savour the gameplay in a true sense without breaking the bank. Plus, the AOC gaming monitors come with varying resolutions and display sizes.

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Best 27-inch Gaming Monitors from AOC

A 27-inch display is among the 4 best monitor sizes for gaming. In fact, 27inch gaming monitors are more common and pretty standard for playing video games. However, finding the right AOC monitor for gaming can be a tedious task. And we know this because we have been there.

So, we have put together some of the best 27-inch gaming monitors by AOC. Our selection includes gaming monitors with Full HD, QHD, 2K resolution. You can pick either a flat or curved gaming monitor based on your priority.

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AOC C27G2ZU/BK – one of best 27-inch Gaming Monitors

The AOC C27G2ZU/BK is among the cheapest 240Hz monitors on the market. This is a fascinating display that ranks higher on the list of best AOC monitors for gaming. If you look at its specs sheet, you will find it much cheaper than the competition.


AOC C27G2ZU/BK Specs Review

Display27-inch Curved Full HD (1920 x 1080)
Panel TypeVA
Brightness300 nits
Response Time0.5 ms
Refresh Rate240Hz
Aspect Ratio16:9
Contrast Ratio3000:1
Curvature Radius1500

This is a 27-inch curved gaming monitor with a response time of 0.5ms. The design is slick and funky while the stand is adjustable. This full HD gaming display comes with a highly accurate VA panel. Plus, it comes with a great range of inputs and ports.

AOC Gaming AG273QZ –27inch Quad HD LED Monitor

The AOC AG273QZ is another high-rated choice from the 240Hz gaming monitors. This is a QHD gaming monitor with a 1440p LED display. A stylish elevated base with an adjustable stand gives it a chic look. Then there are headphone hooks on each side that make it easy for you to put your gameplay on hold. Suh features put it among the best 27-inch gaming monitors that you can buy at affordable prices.

AOC Gaming AG273QZ Specs Review

Display27-inch QHD (2560 x 1440)
Panel TypeLED
Brightness400 nits
Response Time0.5 ms
Refresh Rate240Hz
Aspect Ratio16:9
Contrast Ratio1000:1

This is an elegant AOC monitor for gaming that gives a nod to fashion. You can set it up with your RGB setup and it will complement the accessories. Its 400 nits of brightness, 240Hz refresh rate, and 0.5ms response time are just perfect for high-resolution gameplay.

AOC AG273QX – 165Hz QHD Gaming Monitor

The AOC AG273QX is our next pick from the 27-inch gaming monitors. This is another Quad HD display from AOC gaming monitors with a flat screen. Thanks to FreeSync Premium, you can cherish the crispy visuals with 1440 resolution. On the bright side, its classy design will complement the interiors of your gaming room.

AOC AG273QX Specs Review

Display27-inch Quad HD (2560 x 1440)
Panel TypeLED
Brightness400 nits
Response Time1 ms
Refresh Rate165Hz
Aspect Ratio16:9
Contrast Ratio1000:1

This is an AOC monitor for gaming that is eSports ready. A refresh rate of 165Hz with a 1ms response time and 400 nits of brightness is all you need for fast-paced gaming. Isn’t it all that you need for smooth gameplay?

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AOC 27G2U5/BK – 27-inch 75Hz Budget Gaming Monitor

The AOC 27G2U5/BK is a budget gaming monitor with a 27-inch display. This is one of the best 75-hertz monitors that you can get for affordable gaming. There are no extra frills or gimmicks, but the class speaks for itself on this one. The Full HD gaming screen stands still on a space-saving base that has captivating look.

AOC 27G2U5/BK Specs Review

Display27-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080)
Panel TypeLED
Brightness250 nits
Response Time1 ms
Refresh Rate75Hz
Aspect Ratio16:9
Contrast Ratio1000:1

So, if you are in search of 75 Hz gaming monitors, AOC 27G2U5/BK is an ideal pick. The price tag on it makes it a budget choice from the AOC gaming monitors. Whereas the specs it carries are on the higher end. You will have an AOC monitor for gaming with a faster refresh rate and response at a cheap price.

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Bottom Lines

Whether you are a pro-level gamer or a professional esports player, AOC gaming monitors can live up to your expectations. The best AOC monitors vary in size, specs, resolutions, and prices. We hope you have liked these best 27-inch gaming monitors. They range from the basic 1080p displays to 4K monitors and come in both flat and curved screens. You can explore more models from our extensive collection of computer monitors.

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