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Best Gaming Headphones without Mic

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Best Gaming Headphones without Mic

When it comes to gaming, every player has own preferences. Some need wireless gaming headphones while others prefer the old school wired headphones. Then there are gaming headphones with mic that allows you to communicate with the team. But some players do not like the idea of socializing.

Not everyone wants to voice chat on a multiplayer game. If you are such a player, gaming headphones without mic are a good investment for you.

Headphones with no mic are great picks for casual gamers. You can enjoy a good time without any interference and hearing unnecessary squealing. These are among the best gaming accessories for players who just want to have a good time. If you are searching for the best budget gaming headphones without mic, we are here to help.

We have put together a list of the best gaming headphones without mic. These are top-rated gaming headphones without a microphone that can deliver quality sound.

Why Choose Headphones without Mic?

A lot of gamers are now turning towards headphones with mic. It seems like a practical choice for gamers who have a team. This allows them to communicate with their team to follow the lead and for a better strategy. However, headphones with microphones are not for everyone.

You should choose headphones without mic if you are a solo player. There is no need to spend extra when you do not have a team. Also, if you play games solely for fun, you are better off with headphones without microphone. Headphones with mic sometimes compromise the sound quality of the game.

List Of The Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic

ATH-AD700X – Audiophile open-air headphones with no mic

Form FactorOver Ear
WeightAbout 0.59 lbs

Bose 700 – Noise cancelling gaming headphones without mic

Form FactorOver Ear
ColorTriple Black
WeightAbout 0.55 lbs

HIFIMAN HE1000 – Magnetic headphones with no microphone

Form FactorBi-fold
WeightAbout 1.06 lbs

Philips Fidelio X2HR – Best budget gaming headphones without Mic

Form FactorIn-Ear
WeightAbout 0.91 lbs

Sennheiser HD 600  – Hi-Fi Professional Stereo Headphones

Form FactorOver Ear
WeightAbout 0.57 lbs

Logitech G933 – Best Wireless RGB Headsets for gaming

Form FactorOver Ear
WeightAbout 0.82 lbs

V-Moda Crossfade 2 – Wireless gaming headphones without microphone

Form FactorOver Ear
ColorRose Gold
WeightAbout 0.70 lbs

Factors to Consider for Buying Gaming Headphones Without Mic

Buying gaming headphones without mic requires some research to make an informed decision. Below are some features that you must consider before buying gaming headphones with no mic.

Design (Open-Back vs Closed-Back)

The design of your headphones is directly associated with comfort and use. There are various types of headphones that you must know about. We are here going to talk about the open-back and closed-back headphones. These refer to two different designs of the headphone earcups.

Open-Back headphones are more useful for gaming and music. The back of the earcups on these headphones are uncovered and hence the name open-back. The sound passed through the back of the earpiece, so the user doesn’t experience an enclosed feeling. These offer an expansive, airy soundstage and are not suitable for noisy environments.

Closed-Back headphones enclose the ears, as the name represents it. These are more common and ideal for users who want to block out external noise. Closed-back headphones are a good choice for noisy areas as they offer a more intimate listening experience.

Noise Cancellation Technology

Most of the modern headphones without mic have this technology. This is something that suppresses the external noise and keeps you apart from your surroundings. Noise-cancelling headphones deliver high-quality sound without any disturbance from outside. However, the choice depends on what type of experience you want. So, think twice before putting your money into this technology.

If want to hear what is going on in your surroundings, do not buy noise-cancelling headphones. Some headphones offer quality sound without blocking external noise.

Wireless or Wired

The next thing to consider is the type of connectivity. Do you need wireless or wired headphones without mic? Most gamers prefer wireless headphones, but they too come in different types. There are three types of wireless headphones including:

  1. IR wireless headphones (Infrared Technology)
  2. RF wireless headphones (Radio Frequency)
  3. Bluetooth wireless headphones

Bluetooth wireless headphones are the most common one among these. You can easily find the best Bluetooth gaming headphones without mic. However, the audio on these devices sometimes doesn’t sync with the visuals. RF headphones are better options if you want to game on wireless.


Comfort is always a key factor for avid gamers. This is something that will affect your performance in the long run. So, if you are planning to game continuously for several hours, pay attention to the comfort factor. This is connected to the design, size, and weight of the headphones.

Some other factors to consider are material quality, ergonomics, and breathable materials. Open-Back gaming headphones without mic are the best options here. However, closed-back headphones are also good if you choose the right size.

Brand Reputation

This is something obvious, you would surely want to buy from the best headphone brands. There are many brands, with each having its own unique value. You might have heard about the brands from friends or have done research on the internet. We recommend you put your trust in a renowned brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between headphones with and without mic?

There are several types of headphones available on the market. The difference between headphones with and without mic is of a microphone. When you have gaming headphones without mic you can only relish game sounds. Whereas headphones with mic allow the user to voice chat with other game players.

Are there headphones with no mic?

Yes, there are plenty of headphones without microphones. Below are the best headphones with no mic that you can buy.

Can you use a headset without a mic for gaming?

Yes, you use a headset without a mic for entertainment and gaming. These are ideal for users who just want to listen to the sound. You can use them for streaming, watching YouTube, and even online gaming. The best part is that you can buy a microphone separately to connect with these headphones.

Can we play PUBG with earphones without mic?

Yes, you can play PUBG without a mic and will have fun. You can hear sounds even if you have gaming headphones without mic. But this is only if you are playing solo and have a better idea of the game.

How can I voice chat using a headset without a mic?

You can voice chat using headphones without microphone by connecting a ModMic. This is a mic that you can use to make a connection between your headphones and gaming device. You can plug one end into your console, laptop or gaming PC, and the other onto your headphone.

Final Note

We hope our list of the best gaming headphones without mic has helped you. These headphones with no mic are great options for solo players. You can listen to game sounds without any interference. In case you want to voice chat on headphones without microphone, you can always use a ModMic.

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