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Best Laptops for Rocket League

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Best Laptops for Rocket League

If you are a soccer fan and also like race cars as well, then Rocket League is the game for you. It is developed and published by Psyonix, in which you get to drive around in rocket powered cars and play football. It has exciting single player and multi-player modes, so you can enjoy the fun with your friends. It is released on a number of gaming consoles, and it can also be played on gaming computers and laptops. If you are looking to buy a good gaming laptop to play Rocket League the right way, then have no fear because we are going to give you the perfect buying guide, so you can choose the best laptop for all your needs. But before we get into the list, let us see the rocket league laptops specs requirements.

Rocket League Laptops Specs Requirements

SpecsMinimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
CPU2.4 GHz Dual-core2.5+ GHz Quad-core
HDD7 GB available space7 GB available space
GPUNVIDIA GTX 260 or ATI 4850NVIDIA GTX 660 or better, ATI 7950 or better
OSWindows 7 or NewerWindows 7 or Newer
DirectXVersion 9.0cVersion 9.0c
Screen Resolution720p1080p

Now that we have gotten the system requirements out of the way, let us get into our list of the best laptops to play Rocket League. So, let us not waste any more time and get right to it.

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Lenovo V15 – Core i3 10th Gen – Cheap Gaming Laptop for Rocket League

Lenovo V15 - Core i3 10th Gen - Cheap Gaming Laptop for Rocket League

First on the list is a great Lenovo Core i3 laptop. Lenovo V15 is powered by an intel Core i3 10th generation 1.2GHz Max Turbo Speed up to 3.4GHz dual core processor. You get the memory of 8GB RAM and a storage space of 256GB SSD. It is Window 10 compatible, which means you get the smooth and easy interface for all your tasks. The specs are quite decent and never let the laptop slow down, even while you are multi-tasking or performing some of the heavy high res demanding tasks.

Graphics Support

There is no dedicated graphics card in the laptop, but you get the integrated on-board graphics support of Intel UHD graphics GPU. The graphics support is pretty decent, and you can run most of your games, including Rocket League, on this laptop with ease. It also lets you perform your multi-media editing and development tasks as well.


Lenovo V15 is equipped with a 15.6 inches display, which gives you the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The bezel is quite narrow which can give you more screen to body ratio for the distraction free visuals, whether you are gaming or streaming. There is also a webcam on top of the bezel, so you can attend online meetings and make videocalls with your loved ones. The colours and overall picture quality are quite good, and you can see every little detail on the screen with ease.

Body and Design

The body and design of Lenovo V15 is quite appealing, and it surely turns some heads around when taken out in public. The body is quite slim and sleek, which fits in your bag perfectly and leaves a lot of space for other stuff too. Plus, it is also pretty lightweight which makes it easy to hold and even easier to carry around. You can keep your data and information safe from potential hackers and nosy people, thanks to the Trusted Plateform Module TPM 2.0 which encrypts the data and passwords.

Slim and lightweightNo Dedicated GPU
Safety FeaturesLow on ports
Smooth Performance 

MEDION Erazer Deputy P10 – Core i5 10th gen- Affordable Gaming Laptop

MEDION Erazer Deputy P10 - Core i5 10th gen- Affordable Gaming Laptop for Rocket League

Next up on the list is a masterpiece by Medion known as Medion Erazer Deputy P10. It is powered by Intel core i5 10th generation processor. This Core i5 laptop gives you the memory of 8GB RAM along with a storage space of 512GB SSD. The specs are pretty powerful and provide you fast-paced performance for all your tasks. This laptop is a best fit for your home and office use as well. You get the safest interface of Windows 10 to perform all your tasks in a carefree manner.


Erazer Deputy P10 is powered by NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti GPU, which gives you adequate power to play any of your favorite games with ease. It uses the NVIDIA Turing architecture the right way and gives you life-like graphics. The in-game characters seem to come alive, while the gaming sessions go smooth as silk and without any kind of interruptions. It can also support your 3D modeling tasks and graphics designing.


If we talk about the display, then it has a wide 15.6 inches screen, which gives you the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The bezel is narrow, and you get adequate screen to body ratio for your viewing pleasures. The colours and overall picture quality is amazing, and every little detail can be easily seen on the display.


Erazer Deputy P10 has a latest Intel WiFi 6 AX201 802.11ax card, which gives you great wireless internet connectivity. It enhances both downloading and uploading speeds as well. The connection is pretty strong and keeps you connected, even while the signals are weak or spotty. This lets you enjoy your online gaming sessions without any kind of interruption.

Cooling technology

The cooling system of this laptop is absolutely great, and lets you enjoy your gaming sessions without the laptop getting too much heated up. Wide vents help in speeding up the heat dissipation process, which vents out the heat perfectly. Plus, there are plenty of ports to connect your devices with ease.

Strong BuiltWeak Battery performance
High Refresh RateBulky Design
Great Cooling Technology 
Plenty of Ports 

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ASUS ROG Strix G15– Core i7 10th gen – Best Gaming laptop for Rocket League

ASUS ROG Strix G15- Core i7 10th gen - Best Gaming laptop for Rocket League

Asus ROG Strix G15 gives you the ultimate power to perform all your tasks, with the mighty Intel Core i7 10th generation Processor. You get the wide memory of 16GB RAM in this core i7 laptop which is pretty remarkable. It gives you the storage space of 512GB SSD. When you combine these powerful specs, you get the best laptop for all your tasks. Asus ROG Strix G15 is a slim and sleek laptop with attractive looks and design. It has an RGB keyboard, along with aura-sync lights on the chassis and a signature logo on the back. It can surely style up your gaming arena.


With the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 GPU, you can experience the real time ray tracing the right way whenever you play your games. The shadows in your games look absolutely marvelous and the in-game characters seem to come alive. The GPU is amazingly powerful and has the ability to take on any high-end AAA game you desire to play.


It features a liquid metal boosts cooling technology, which can keep you and your laptop both cool. The cooling technology dissipates the heat accurately and gives you the best gaming experience, you could ever have.


You can enjoy all your visuals with the 15.6 inches display, with the resolution of 1080p. The colours and picture quality is quite good. You get the high refresh rate of 144Hz, which makes sure you get smooth as silk visuals, whether you are streaming or gaming. It also has an adaptive sync technology, which can keep screen tearing and other pesky interruptions away.


There are plenty of ports for you guys to attach all your favorite devices. You get USB Type-C and USB Type-A ports, which give you the freedom to transfer data at a lightning-fast speed, along with charging your handheld devices. There is a DisplayPort which can let you attach an external wide screen monitor, to enjoy the larger-than-life visuals. With HDMI port you can add multiple monitors in the equation to enjoy more immersive experience.


The speakers this laptop offers provide good quality audio, which is absolutely free from distortion. The audio which you get has a perfect balance of bass and treble, thanks to the Smart Amp Technology. It is safe to say that Asus ROG Strix G15 fulfills all the rocket league specs requirements.

Great Gaming performanceNo webcam
Wide MemoryBezel too thick at the bottom
Appealing Design 

Lenovo Legion 7i – Core i7 10th gen – High End Gaming Laptop for Rocket League

Lenovo Legion 7i - Core i7 10th gen - High End Gaming Laptop for Rocket League

Last one on the list but certainly not the least is Lenovo Legion 7i, which is a pretty remarkable laptop. It is powered by intel Core i7 10th generation processor, which is more than enough to support all your gaming tasks. You get the memory of 16GB RAM and a storage a space of 512GB SSD. The specs are absolutely amazing, and you can perform any of your task with precision. The system never hangs or gets slow even during the most demanding operations.


The display of this laptop is certainly the best and can give its rivals a run for their money. The 15.6 inches display gives you the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. It has a high refresh rate of 144Hz, which makes all your visuals smooth as silk. The visuals are free from motion blur and ghosting effect. With the quick response time of just 1ms, you can enjoy all your fast paced E sport games with great precision. If you are a competitive gamer, then this display can surely do wonders for you. Playing competitive shooting games feel like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. With Dolby Vision and a 100% sRGB color, you can see the visuals which can leave you dazed and amazed every time.


You get the graphics support of the mighty NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q GPU, which can run any of the latest AAA games with ease. Even the high-res games like Resident Evil and CyberPunk 2077 run quite smoothly on this laptop. The Ai enhanced graphics and real time ray tracing can surely take your gaming experience to the next level.


The long battery life of Lenovo Legion is icing on the cake. It features a powerful 80Whr battery, which gives you up to 8 hours of usage with just a single charge. It also supports Rapid Charge, which can boost the battery of your laptop in a jiffy and never leaves you hanging for long. You can charge the battery from 0 % to 50 % in just 30 minutes, thanks to the Rapid Charge Pro.

Remarkable Cooling TechnologyLow Audio performance
Powerful Performance 
Long battery life 


There are plenty of frequently asked questions by you guys, so now we will try to answer some of them to resolve your queries.

Is Rocket League free?

Yes, Rocket League is free for all to play. You can easily get it at the Epic Games Store. If you are still playing it on Steam, then you can buy the latest items or upgrade to premium pass by using the Steam Wallet.

Is rocket league cross platform?

Rocket League is an online game, which you can play with your friends, and it can also be played on different cross platforms. The cross-play is supported on PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox consoles, whereas PC gamers can also enjoy the cross-play gaming experience through Epic Game Store or Steam.

What is the best DLC for Rocket League?

There are plenty of DLC or downloadable content in this game, which gives you the freedom to download new and stylish cars. Some of the best DLC cars are mentioned below.

  • Bone Shaker
  • The Marauder
  • Batmobile
  • Jurassic Jeep Wrangler

How many GB is rocket League?

You need a minimum of 20GB of free storage space to download the game. You will also be needing an extra 10GB to accommodate the game files.

Game One!!

Well, this was the buying guide for the best gaming laptops, which can fulfil all the rocket league specs requirements. If you are looking to buy a good laptop, which can help you play your games with ease, then you can choose from these laptops.

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