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GPU Fan Not Spinning? Potential Causes and Fixes

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GPU Fan is Not Spinning

GPU Fan Not Spinning: GPU is a graphics card installed in your gaming laptop or gaming computer, which can provide you adequate power to play your games and perform high-res demanding tasks. For those of you who don’t know, a GPU has its own fan for heat dissipation functions. As it handles demanding tasks, so it emits a good amount of heat which requires an extra fan for it to be dissipated properly. 

There are times when you start to face issues like GPU fans not spinning. There can be a number of reasons why you are experiencing this issue. If you are also having the problem of your video card fans not spinning then you don’t have to worry, because we are going to be telling you guys what can be causing this problem and how you can resolve this issue. So let us not waste anymore time and get right to it.  

Potential Causes of GPU fans not Spinning 

There are many reasons why you are having trouble with your GPU’s fan. Below mentioned are some of the causes of this problem. 

GPU’s React when they Reach a Certain Temperature 

The most common reason of this problem is that there are some graphics cards, which don’t spin until they reach a certain temperature. When the tasks are not that much demanding or taxing on your GPU, it will not emit that much heat. As long as your GPU is cool it will not start spinning but as soon as it gets to a high temperature, the fans will start spinning automatically. You need to know what kind of graphics card you are using to determine the nature of your problem. 


PCle Power not Plugged 

Another thing can be that your PCle cable is not plugged in correctly or even left unplugged, while the manufacturer was building your computer. If the power is not getting supplied to your GPU or other internal components, then it can cause some issues like GPU or CPU fan not spinning and even power supply fan not spinning as well. Open the panel of your computer and see that all the cables are plugged in properly. 

Your GPU is Too Dusty 

Another reason why your GPU fans are not spinning can be that your fans are too dusty to even operate. This can happen if your computer is an older build. Dust particles can be collected inside your computer along with other internal components and hinder the fans from spinning. If this is the issue, then it can be resolved quite easily. You just need to open the panel and clean your computer from inside. You can use a fan or a wind blower to blow the dust away. This should resolve the issue. 

Fan’s Bearings need to be oiled 

If your GPU is too old, then you need to check whether it is still functional or not. If the dust is too much inside your GPU, then it will cause the fan bearings of your GPU to not function properly and get stuck as well. In this situation you can oil up your bearings to ensure that nothing is stopping the GPU fans from spinning. 

Some Fixes for your GPU’s Fan 

There are somethings which you can do to resolve this issue and to determine the nature of your problem. 

Check the Main Board and GPU 

First you need to check the main board and GPU of your computer. Try booting your computer without the GPU plugged in. If your computer is booting perfectly then there is nothing wrong with the main board. Another thing which you can do is to plug the GPU in another computer which is in a working condition. If GPU is working just fine in that computer, then it means there is something wrong with the main board of your computer. But if GPU is not working in both computers, then it means that your GPU is faulty.  

Clean things Up 

Too much dust and dirt inside your computer can cause many problems and one of them is that your GPU fan might stop spinning. Open your computer’s panel and clean everything up using a blow dryer. Having your computer cleaned after some time is a good thing to do any ways. Clean the connector cables as well by removing them and then wiping with a cotton cloth. 

Upgrade your GPU 

If you have tried everything but nothing seems to work, then you are left with only one option and that is to upgrade your GPU or get a new one. Your internal components tend to malfunction when they reach a certain age and then you need to buy new ones. So simply get a latest GPU and enhance your gaming fun. 

How to Check if GPU is faulty? 

There are a number of things which you can do to make sure that your GPU is in a working condition. The first indicator of a faulty GPU is definitely the speed of your GPU’s fan and whether it is spinning or not. If your GPU is faulty then the fan will show abnormal behavior and you will even hear a lot of noise coming from your fan. You will also see glitches on your display while you are playing high-res games or streaming videos. Another sign can be that your games or even the whole system starts to crash as you are in the middle of your task.  

Bottom Line 

These were some of the causes for your GPU fan not spinning issue. We also added some useful fixes which can surely be beneficial for you.

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