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How good is Microsoft Surface Pro?

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Microsoft Surface by Shom Dom

The Microsoft laptops are solid additions in the tech-space with their advanced features, flagship designs and efficient specs. The best Microsoft laptops have everything in grasp with versatile functionality and incredible features.

Most of the elements you will come across in Microsoft Surface bro are based on high-quality components. The high-quality IPS display, fast-paced processors and a Thunderbolt selection in ports make them stand out from the crowd. Not to forget, these laptops with their signature sleek design come with a lot of power that actually seem more than enough for tech warriors.

To elevate more features and know how better a Microsoft Surface Pro can do for you, we are going to delve into essential aspects.

Features that make Microsoft Surface Pro a better laptop

The New Surface Pen

Along with the touchscreen in a Microsoft Surface Pro, the star remains to be its newly introduced Surface Pen. This pen is great for multi-touch gesture as well as other key features included in its function. You can use the pen to sketch your favourite character on the screen, craft hand-written notes and work on your editing requirements. Plus, the rubber on the bottom of the pen allows you to remove any extra lines or marks you may have put accidentally. You can use it like a pencil or a highlighter, however you might need to.

Attractive Chassis

One thing that cannot remain unnoticed in Microsoft Surface Pro laptops is its slim, chic-style and attractive chassis. The design of this laptop is always kept thin with sleek edges and cut-edge technology. Within a glance, a normal user shall be attracted right away with its classy colour tones and lightweight design. The Microsoft laptops are certainly one of the most striking laptops in the currently, including the Apple laptop range.

Better-than-most Display

The display of the Microsoft Surface Pro laptop is filled with everything high in quality including sRGB, panel type, brightness level, Resolution and more. Although, the screen sizes included in these laptops are smaller significantly than many other laptops. But one cannot complain especially if he or she needs to be a portable master. 

Thunderbolt C Connection

The good news in the port selection of the new Microsoft Surface Pro laptops is the USB Type C connection. Additionally, the Thunderbolt support proves to be an icing on the cake for advanced connections.

Type Cover Keyboard

The keyboard integrated in the Microsoft laptops comes with excellent positioning and typing cover. This does not only make it spill-resistant but also a safer option to go for a keyboard. You can feel the keys to be hard pressed and if you enjoy the clicky feedback, then its even more great news.

Hybrid Detachment

What makes this laptop one of the best 2 in 1 convertible laptop is its hybrid detachment that is not as inconvenient as other laptops. Lenovo has included the best design to incorporate with the detachable hybrid style. So, you can easily separate the keyboard from the display and use it like a tablet.

The Flagship Blend

The Microsoft Surface Pro incorporates a combination of top-notch specs including large RAM, bigger SSD, and latest processor. So, you will get the best of almost every spec, but the graphics part can be excluded.

Best Microsoft Surface Pro Laptops

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

GraphicsIntegrated Intel UHD 620
OSWindows 10 Pro
Display12.3in (2736 x 1824) Resolution - Touchscreen
Memory Size16GB
Storage Capacity512GB SSD

The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 comes in a lightweight handy design that packs Quad core processing power, for demanding users. The Intel Core i7 processor equipped in this laptop knocks off the processing speed with turbo 4.2 GHz frequency. Also, the 16GB RAM that is combined with the 512GB solid-state drive storage is great for multitasking. This laptop is armed with a touchscreen that includes the additional pen for enhanced usage. The small screen of 12.6-inch is brilliant to take along you anywhere for important project or task.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

GraphicsIntegrated Intel Iris Plus
OSWindows 10 Pro 64-bit
Display13.5 in | (2256 x 1504) Resolution | HD
Memory Size8 GB
ProcessorIntel Core i5 (10th Gen.) 1.20 GHz
Storage Capacity256GB SSD

If you need one of the best Core i5 laptops, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 comes packed with the Intel’s 10th Gen processor. Along with the solid-state drive storage of 256GB, it is equipped with the 8GB RAM for everyday to medium-intense users. The 13.5-inch display of this laptop comes with almost 100% Srgb colour gamut and a good overall maximum brightness. You also get the Integrated Intel Iris Plus graphics for immersive visuals and crisp graphics on your screen.

Bottom End – The Ultimatum

To put it in one statement answer, the Microsoft Surface Pro is great for creative multitasker, professional travelers, and business users. It can serve exactly the right purpose for many businessmen, office users and even high-tech students.

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