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How Much Does RAM Affect FPS in Games?

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How Much Does RAM Affect FPS in Games

If you are a gaming enthusiast, then you must be aware of the essential internal components of your gaming computer. It is safe to say that RAM is the most important thing which affects your gaming experience after processor and graphics card. There is one question which is usually on every computer gamer’s mind which is that does RAM increase fps? If you have the same question on your mind, then you have come to the right place.

We will be trying to answer this question in the article. So let us not waste any more time and get right to it.

What is RAM?

Before we get into anything let us know a little about what RAM actually is. It is the memory your computer has to store information and data which it can later retrieve in seconds or minutes. The files, pictures, or anything else which is stored in your short-term memory or RAM can be accessed later to reduce the processing and loading time.

The common misconception among people is that having high RAM or memory will make your system much powerful, faster, and allow it to perform better. This is just partly true and not completely. Your overall performance whether gaming or performing other tasks, depends on multiple factors and RAM is just one of them. In addition to having a high RAM, you will need to have a powerful processor and good quality GPU to get the best gaming experience every single time.

Does RAM Increase fps?

Now coming to our question of the day which is, does increasing RAM result in more fps? Fps or frames per second is basically the amount of full screen pictures your computer is able to produce in a second. The higher frame rates you are able to get the smoother your gameplay will be.

Having higher RAM will surely help your computer in giving you more frames per second, as it will increase the overall computing and processing speed of your desktop or computer. But having said that, RAM itself is not fast and it can only make your computer fast with the storage capacity.

If you have a wide RAM, then it does not always mean that you will be able to get more frame rates or high gaming performance. The games you play can only use up a certain amount of RAM or memory. If you have an 8GB RAM setup and your game only uses 4GB RAM, then only 4GB of your computer’s RAM will be used and the other 4GB will be left untouched. So, in that case increasing your RAM will not be of any use.

On the other hand, if you are using a computer with 4GB or 2GB RAM but your game’s memory requirement is 8GB, in that case increasing your RAM will affect your gaming performance. Even if you have a 4GB RAM on your laptop or computer and your game uses 4GB RAM, then it will use up all your RAM and will not have enough memory left for the background apps and processes to run.

How Much RAM for Gaming is Enough?

There is no simple answer for that because different games use up different amount of memory or RAM. You should check the system requirements for your game when you install it to find out how much RAM will it use. Then just add the RAM according to your game’s requirement.

There is another thing which you can do and that is to add a 16GB RAM because it will be more than enough for you to play your games and run other applications in the background as well. Although an 8GB RAM is also enough for your gaming sessions and other tasks. But having a 16GB RAM is also future proof because you will be able to run the latest games with more memory requirement, which come in future, so you won’t need to upgrade your computer again and again.

Is 8GB RAM Enough for Gaming?

Well, to answer this question simply, an 8GB RAM is good enough for your gaming needs. You can play most of your high-end AAA games on a computer or laptop which is equipped with an 8GB RAM. It can give you enough memory to perform your other tasks smoothly as well as play your games the right way. If use your computer or laptop for only gaming, then all you need is 8GB RAM because you can do your casual and hardcore gaming in a carefree manner.

How to Get Better fps?

The first thing you need to do is just make sure your computer fulfils all the system requirements of the game, which you are trying to run on it. You should have a powerful processor, good GPU, and a wide memory. If you have everything checked then there is one more thing which you can do to get more fps. You can change the video and display settings of your game. Try reducing the resolution of your game, as it can help you get smoother gaming experience by boosting the frame rate.

How to Increase RAM on Laptop?

It is pretty easy to increase the RAM in your laptop. If you have made the decision of increasing memory of your laptop then just open the panel and locate where RAM strips are placed. If you have some extra slots which most laptops offer, then just add another 4GB or 2GB RAM strip as per your need. You can also remove the present RAM strips and add more higher RAM strips to increase the memory.

Final Word

Well, there you have it this was the article we hope it covered everything you needed to know. RAM speed of your computer is not the only thing which can affect your gaming experience by giving more fps. You need to have a total package to play all your games the right way.

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