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How to connect Xbox one to PC Monitor with HDMI

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How to connect Xbox one to PC Monitor with HDMI

If you are a new Xbox player and figuring out about how to connect your Xbox with the monitor desktop PC, it’s not crucial. Thanks to Microsoft, Xbox came out as one of the favourite devices for youngsters and most of the gameplay lovers. With technology advancing to newer norms every day, a lot of things need to be kept in mind. But today it’s essentially about an Xbox and how you can easily connect to a PC monitor with just HDMI port. 

There is no hard and fast rule when you are looking to connect your Xbox to monitor. With just fewer cables and accessories, you are well enough to go and connect it instantly, without any second thought.  

In some cases, where you might have an older monitor or the one which doesn’t have an HDMI port, you will need to buy an adapter. However, with direct HDMI connection, the speed and accuracy are better. We have listed easy and free steps to follow to connect easily to a monitor. 

Step 1: Find HDMI port on your monitor 

Most of the monitors have HDMI port on their backside, but if your monitor doesn’t have it, buy an adapter. This adapter shall connect to the VGI making it functionally available for HDMI connection. Investing in a better adaptor depending on how old your monitor may be the best decision you will make. But sometimes you will need to invest in a better monitor that allows a direct connection for better speeds.  

Step 2: Take out the HDMI cable that came with your console 

All you need to do is get out the cable in the Xbox console packaging. Unbox the free HDMI cable that was packed with the console. If you don’t have access to the cable, you can buy it from outside conveniently. 

Step 3: Simply connect both ends 

Connect one end of the HDMI cable with the Xbox console and the other with the HDMI port in the monitor. There you get it, on and ready to go! 

Well, but in some cases when your monitor isn’t working, you can also connect it to television. While monitors directly connect with the console as soon as you attach them with the HDMI, the TVs could require additional settings. If the issue appears when you connect Xbox with TV, you can go to Settings -> Additional Settings -> Display and Sound 

Better Ways to Connect Xbox with Monitor  

The Ideal Monitor for Xbox 

Having the best monitor for a sensational Xbox gaming session is mandatory. If you haven’t yet got your hands on the finest monitor for gaming rig, you should definitely look out for the one with ports. For easily connecting Xbox with your monitor, you must have an HDMI port included in your display. If you don’t have one, then you will have to buy an external adapter via VGA and DVI port.  

The refresh rate, Resolution and brightness of the monitor are one thing together that you have to consider when buying. But a monitor with HDMI port will mean you will have convenient connectivity whenever you need an Xbox connection. 

The Best Xbox Console for your Monitor 

The right Xbox is anyone that suits your liking and requires. But it is essential you buy the best finding beforehand to make sure the future connections, speeds and experience is going to be amazing. The Xbox that Microsoft sells is top priority for any situation. Preferably, the three Xbox versions including Xbox one, Xbox One S and Xbox One X provide a direct connection with HDMI and perform better. 

Bottom Line 

Some may even think connecting Xbox with the PC monitor could be something not easily done. But we hope we have clarified that entirely to our readers. Well, it pretty much no rocket science. However, for an extravagantly brilliant experience, you must get to overview all the factors including display, Xbox, and connecting cables. 

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