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How to make Your Gaming Computer Faster for Gaming?

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Speed can be the difference between losing or winning in competitive gaming. It is the key factor that can either double the fun or spoil your mood. That is why gamers prefer to pick the best gaming desktops. Although there are affordable gaming desktops, you need the best gaming desktop PC to take the lead.

However, gaming PCs tend to slow down with time for several reasons. This can happen if your computer has a lower FPS or improper specs.

What is FPS?

FPS or frames per second is a fast sequence of images. This is a value that represents the average frames that your monitor shows in one second. Most games run either 30fps or 60fps and the user usually gets a smooth display.

The ideal FPS for gaming varies depending on the gamer’s preferences. Modern game manufacturers make a claim that 60fps is a suitable FPS. So, a higher refresh rate of 120Hz or 144Hz is considered optimal for fast-paced gaming. Your PC’s FPS may slow down with time either due to an old GPU or modest specs.

How to Improve PC Performance for Gaming

We have enlisted a few ways to boost your gaming performance. These tips and tricks will help you optimise your computer for gaming.

Enable the Game Mode

If you have installed Windows 10 OS, turn on the Game Mode. This is a built-in tool that deactivates background activities on your gaming computer. So, when you are gaming you will not encounter app notifications or Windows updates. This, in turn, will boost the FPS and make your PC faster for gaming.

 You can enable the Game Mode in three easy steps.

  • Click the Start menu and open the Settings.
  • Select the Gaming category there.
  • Click the Game mode from the menu options on the left and toggle it On.
  • Lower the Display Resolution

The best gaming desktop PC can easily take on modern AAA titles. However, you cannot expect the same from an average desktop computer. So, if you have a budget gaming PC, it cannot deliver 60fps consistently with ultra-high resolutions. You must forfeit the resolution to ensure a smooth gameplay and refresh rate.

Lowering the resolution will lower the pixel burden on your display. This will ultimately release the pressure from your GPU, and you can enjoy a buttery smooth gameplay.

Uninstall the Bloatware

Unused software and apps are nothing but a burden on your PC setup. They cover excessive disk space and thus Windows slows down with time. Removing such programs from your system will make your system stress-free. Plus, you can save valuable RAM space when these unnecessary programs are not running in the background.

Update the Graphics Card Drivers

The graphics cards on the best gaming desktop PCs are the centrepieces that can make or break your gameplay. A quality GPU is the heart that works together with the brain (CPU) to deliver a smooth performance. to unleash their true performance, you need the right graphics driver.

Both Nvidia and AMD release drivers for their graphic cards that can boost their performance. these graphic drivers can improve the FPS and as a result, you will get better speed for gaming.

Upgrade Your Gaming PC

If the above tricks do not work for you, it is time to upgrade your computer. You probably have an old gaming PC with a low-speed processor and a sluggish graphics card. It can also be due to the low RAM capacity or HDD storage.

Affordable gaming desktops that You Must Consider

In case you have a gaming desktop older than 5 years, you must replace it. Here are two affordable gaming desktop PCs that can be a suitable match for you.

ASUS ROG Strix GT15 – Core i5 Desktop Gaming PC

GPUNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super (6GB)
OSWindows 10
Memory Size8 GB
CPUIntel Core i5-10400F / 2.9GHz Max. Turbo Speed 4.3GHz
Storage Capacity 1TB HDD & 256 GB SSD

The ROG Strix GT15 is a compact gaming PC that comes with a slick chassis. This is one of the best Asus gaming PCs on a budget. It packs the Core i5 CPU, with 8GB memory and has combo storage. The GTX 1660 Super GPU can run AAA titles at medium to high settings.

MEDION AKOYA P67064 – Best Gaming PC with Core i5

OSWindows 10
Memory Size16 GB
CPUIntel Core i5-10400 / 2.9GHz Max. Turbo Speed 4.3GHz
Storage Capacity1 TB SSD

The AKOYA P67064 is the best gaming PC that you can buy. It packs formidable specs inside its minimalistic chassis that complement even an office environment. There is nothing glossy about it, yet it boasts elegance. This Core i5 gaming Pc features the GTX 1660 GPU with a 16 GB ram and a massive 1TB SSD storage.


Gamers need the best gaming PC to relish a smooth gaming performance. So, make sure you have a high-end CPU and enough RAM on your computer. Remove the unnecessary software if there are any and turn the game mode on. This will surely improve the FPS and will make your computer faster for gaming.

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