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How to Set up Dual Monitors with Desktop Gaming

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How to set up dual monitor with desktop game

PC gaming requires the best system with hardware that can exceed expectations. And to truly relish gaming, you must have the best desktop computer. Players need gaming monitors that can keep up with their gaming desktop PCs. And many gamers go one step ahead to double the fun. Pro gamers and professionals often set dual monitors with desktops for gaming.

Having dual monitors come with some perks but not many gamers know how to set them up. This article covers the issue and after a quick reading, you’ll know how to set dual monitors. But before we jump to that, let’s discuss the main benefits of dual monitors.

Advantages of Dual Monitors Setup for PC Gaming

The benefits of multiple monitors vary with respect to users. However, the biggest advantage that a dual monitor setup has to offer is the multitasking ability. The extra display provides freedom to carry out other tasks. You can browse the web, find information about the game, and can also do Twitch streaming.

How to set dual monitors with desktop PC gaming?

The process involves five basic steps:

Step 1: Compatibility of monitors.

Step 2: Game compatibility.

Step 3: Dual monitor setup.

Step 4: Graphics card.

Step 5: Change display settings.

How to set up dual monitors – Detailed Answer

Below is the complete guide about how to set up dual monitors. We have discussed each step with details so that you can easily follow the procedure.

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Step 1: Compatibility and placement of monitors

We recommend picking up both monitors of the same model or brand for newbies. This will make the process a lot easier for you. However, you can choose different models if you are planning to use each monitor separately. Professionals usually tend to get a curved gaming monitor along with a flat monitor. This offers versatility while the natural curvature diminishes the eye strain.

The next part is about getting the right size of the display. Normally, 27-inch gaming monitors are considered ideal for competitive gameplay. But desk space and type of desk also affects the decision.

Also, while you are shopping for gaming monitors, try to get displays that have the same features. Desktop monitors with different features and support options can spoil your gameplay experience. Moreover, it is better if you set your display with respect to their usage priority. Try to place the main monitor in your line of sight to avoid neck strain.

Step 2: Consider game compatibility

Modern games and almost all AAA titles support multi-monitor gameplay. Sadly, that is not the case with classic titles. So, before you try to set dual monitors for PC gaming, check game compatibility. You can easily find the list of games online that are compatible with multiple monitors setup.

Step 3: Connecting the dual monitor setup

The first step towards setting up dual monitors with desktops is checking the ports. We recommend you buy monitors with modern ports as they are easy to connect. This also depends on your gaming PC and graphics card. So, make sure that your gaming computer has the correct ports. Also, ensure there are enough ports to connect dual monitors with the desktop PC.

Most graphics cards and monitors usually have only one DisplayPort and one HDMI connection.

You can easily connect more than one monitor with your desktop on Windows 10. Here is how you can use dual monitors with windows 10. The process involves some simple steps and tweaks in the Display Settings.

Step 4: Setting through graphics card

The latest gaming PCs now have modern GPUs that offer support for multiple monitors. These dedicated graphics cards can support a dual monitor setup with desktop and for gaming. You can set up dual monitors using AMD Eyefinity Tool or through Nvidia Control Panel.

  1. Connecting Dual Monitor Using the AMD Eyefinity Tool

Setting dual monitors with AMD desktops requires some tweaking and changes. If you have AMD components on your gaming PC, you can use the “AMD Eyefinity” tool.

  1. Go to “AMD Radeon Settings” from your desktop setting. And to set dual monitor with your desktop, click the “Eyefinity” button.
  2. Click the “Quick Setup” button to link both displays. AMD Eyefinity tool will use the “Windows Display Settings” to establish a display group.
  3. Adjust the bezel compensation by clicking on the “Try Advanced Setup.”
  • Setting Up Dual Monitors Through Nvidia Control Panel

Gamers with Nvidia GPUs on their PCs can set up dual monitors using the Nvidia Control Panel. You need to follow the below process:

  1. Select “Nvidia Control Panel” from the desktop and click “Set up multiple displays.”
  2. The screen will show the available monitors and you need to select both displays. If you are only seeing one monitor option, scan for hardware changed. You need to click on the “My display is not shown” option for this.
  3. Select both displays and choose the main monitor as the primary display. Then apply the changes and you will have multiple monitors linked with the desktop.

Step 5: Changing the display settings

Once you have set dual monitors with the desktop, check your display settings. You can adjust the display settings of both monitors as per your requirements. The two most important display settings are the screen resolution and refresh rate. You can set multiple monitors to equal refresh rate and resolution or at different values.

You can easily tweak these settings from “Windows Display Settings.” You can also use the Nvidia Control Panel or AMD Eyefinity tool.

Final Thoughts

Setting up multiple with desktop or dual monitors for PC gaming is easy. All you need to do is pick the right display with the correct ports. However, you must check the compatibility of both monitors as well as the game requirements. Once you have set dual monitors with PC, check screen resolution and refresh rate. Change the display settings as per your demands to get the most out of your displays.

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