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How Work from Home (WFH) Is Different Than Remote Work?

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Work from home and Remote Work by SHOM DOM

Working from Home (WFH) became the new norm during the pandemic. In fact, now companies are considering letting their workers work from the comfort of their homes. However, most people often assume that remote working and work from home is the same idea. Though it sounds true, both differ from each other.

This article discusses what is WFH and remote work. What are the benefits of working from home and remotely work? Also, what is the difference between these two?

What is Work from Home?

Working from home is a perk that employees enjoy when necessary or offered. Companies generally allow the workers or managers to do the job away from the office environment. This is not a privilege that you can enjoy on your own. There are certain restrictions as the employer sets the rule.

Benefits of Working from Home (WFH)

  • Skip office on flex days
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Less commute stress
  • Change of scenery
  • Renewed excitement for the job

What is Remote Work?

Remote work is a relatively old concept than WFH and more flexible. There is no obligation that you must work in an office environment. You need to accomplish tasks that you can perform from a variety of locations. Simply put, your default office location is independent and entirely depends on your mood or work needs.

Benefits of Remote Working

  • Location independence
  • Flexible lifestyle
  • Adaptable working hours
  • Self-management
  • Expense savings

Hopefully, you now know what work from home and remote working. Let’s see how these two differ from each other in terms of duties.

Difference between WFH(work from Home) and Remote Work

Clearly, the difference between remote work and WFH is ambiguous. Below are some major key points that will help you understand the difference

  • Office Visits

One major difference is that work at home is a perk that you can enjoy on flex days. Whereas, when you are working remotely, you never or seldomly need to visit the office. You deliver tasks within a day or week and there is no clock ticking on your head.

  • Time Limitation

Another major difference is the timing of the job or routine. People working from home must follow the office timing of their firm or company. So, they must be ready for tasks and abide by the timings set by the company. On the other hand, when you are working remotely, there is often no time limitations.

  • Task Dependency

Work from home is not so much different than working in an office. You either carry out daily tasks or meet a person/client on behalf of your company or firm. However, when you work remotely, your tasks are defined on a daily or weekly basis. You must accomplish the goals within the set time period.

Conclusion: Which is better for you?

Both (WFH) at home work and remote working are modern concepts. You can either work remotely or choose to get a job in a company that allows working from home. It depends whether you want to work on schedule and within a set space or free from time and space restriction. Simply put, the decision relies on your own lifestyle choice.

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