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Huawei MateBook X Pro Laptop Core i7-8565U 8GB 512GB

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Huawei MateBook X Pro Laptop best for office work

Huawei laptops are good companions for professionals and business users. They have quickly earned a good name for their business-ready design and features. Huawei laptops can offer you everything that you expect from flagship laptops. The combination of slick, lightweight casings with powerful hardware gives them an edge. The best part is their prices are relatively lower considering the features that they offer.

Our today’s review is about one of the best Core i7 laptops: MateBook X Pro. This is an incredible choice for office use scenarios and is ranking higher in the best office laptops as well.

Huawei MateBook X Pro comes with an Intel i7 processor and 14-inch display. Aside from the SSD storage and USB-C connectivity, there is a dedicated GPU onboard. The blend of RAM and hardware puts it among the best 8GB RAM laptops. No doubt Huawei has done a great job while putting together the specs.

Huawei MateBook X Pro Specs Review

CPUIntel Core i7-8565U / 1.8GHz Max. Turbo Speed 4.6GHz
Display13.9 inches Touchscreen IPS 3K (3000 x 2000)
Storage512 GB SSD
OSWindow 10
BatteryUp to 13 Hours

Let’s find out what this Core i7 laptop hides inside. Whether it is worth your money and can it handle the day-to-day workload.

Design & Build

The MateBook X Pro has a nice ring around it that made you look at it. It is the same design that we have seen before on other MateBook series models. Still, it boasts premium-ness and startles the user while giving a hint of cleanness. The aerodynamics, lightweight casing, and grey colour body add charm to it.

The profile of this 14-inch laptop is 14.6mm, which is very thin. There are not many models that can claim to be productive yet compact. And if you try to open the lid, it is easy to lift with a single hand. The same grey colour business aura spread from lid to its keyboard deck. Only the keys and area below the display is painted black.

Display Evaluation

The display is one of the best features of the MateBook X Pro. It comes with a multi-touch screen that has a 91% screen-to-body ratio. The user can scroll or zoom and select efficiently to interact smoothly and intuitively. The screen has a 3:2 aspect ratio which is perfect for both writing and reading.

Then there I the IPS technology that makes sure the user gets a better view from every angle. You can share the screen and colleagues around you can have a better look at the display.

The 14-inch screen offers a high resolution of 3000 x 2000p. This means you will have a 3K Full View Display at your disposal which you can use for creative tasks. You can draw designs, work on media, and can visualize images with bright colours.

Keyboard Functionality

The keyboard on Huawei MateBook X Pro is not full size. However, it makes up for this lacking with its incredible performance. This is a backlit keyboard and a large touchpad that is ideal for fast typing. The space between keys is appropriate while the keys are not stiffed at all. You only need a little force while writing and your fingers will move quickly.

The trackpad covers an area of about 12 x 7.7cm below the keyboard. This is a bit large than a standard trackpad, but we found it smooth. The fingers were gliding easily while we were trying to scroll and browse. There was a little resistance and no stickiness at all.

Connectivity Options

The availability ports on MateBook X Pro are justifiable and almost the same as of previous models. Nonetheless, the variety of ports makes it easier for users to connect all sorts of devices. The left side bears two US-C ports and a 3.5mm audio jack whereas the right edge has a USB-A port.

The best part about this port selection is that both USB-C ports have Thunderbolt support. You can use them for data transfer, power delivery, and can also utilize them as DisplayPort. The only thing missing on this laptop is an Ethernet connection. So, you might need a USB-C Ethernet Adapter if you do not have Wi-Fi access.

Hardware Selection

The selection of hardware on this 14-inch business laptop makes it one of the best Core i7 laptops. There is the Core i7-8565U processor that promises up to 4.6GHz clock speed. The RAM quantity is 8 GB while the storage capacity is 512 GB. The inclusion of an SSD storage drive means you get quick access to data for smooth performance.

It runs on the Windows 10 operating system and can deliver a battery time of up to 13 hours. This is enough to keep you on track and let you work whether you are commuting or stuck in a long meeting. Additionally, the GeForce MX250 GPU makes sure you get to work on graphics without any uncertainties. It comes with a 2GB VRAM which further aces up the performance.

Final Verdict

The MateBook X Pro is one of the best Huawei laptops for business. It is easy to carry around, has the looks and the hardware to ensure smooth work performance. The presence of a USB-C port and an all-day battery makes it an ideal bet among other 8GB RAM laptops.

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