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RTX 2060 super gaming PC performance and review

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RTX 2060 Gaming Desktop PC

Nvidia graphics cards are the ultimate choice when it comes to high-performance gaming computer PCs. The reason we say this is reflected in the top ten list. Nvidia holds all top 5 places in the list when it comes to high-speed gaming. And when we talk about Real-Time Ray Tracing, it provides us with some of the best RTX gaming PCs.

Today, we are going to review an RTX 2060 super gaming PC. The model we have is the HP OMEN 875-0051na, a slick gaming machine. It appears as a workstation, but the real power is hidden inside its chassis. The hardware selection on it puts it among the high-performance gaming computer PCs.

Let us see whether it is truly one of the Best RTX gaming PCs. What the OMEN 875-0051na has to offer and how well it performed under stressful conditions.

Key Specifications

GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 (GDDR6, 6GB)
OSWindows 10 Home (64-bit)
Display13.5 in | (2256 x 1504) Resolution | HD
Memory Size16GB
Processor Intel Core i7-9700F / 3.0GHz Max. Turbo Speed 4.7GHz
Storage Capacity2TB HDD & 256GB SSD

On paper, HP OMEN 875-0051na packs formidable hardware and meets the criteria of high-performance gaming computer PCs.

Design & Build

The OMEN 875-0051na lacks design frills and does not have an appealing gaming chassis. The model we assessed for this review came in black colour with minimalistic design and aesthetics. The thing we liked about its body the most is its tool-less design. You can easily open it by pressing the textured button which HP has places on the rear side.

Its tool-less design makes it ideal for gamers who like to upgrade and built their own gaming rig. You can easily remove the side panel and upgrade its RAM and storage quantity. The micro–ATX compatibility make it easy for the user to configure aftermarket components.

It weighs around 20.28lbs (9.2kg), which is neither lighter not bulky than other Best RTX gaming PCs. However, we missed the top handle which makes it hard for you to pick it up. So, you will need to pick the whole body from the bottom side while placing it.

Hardware Selection

The HP OMEN 875-0051na is one of the best Intel gaming PCs that you can get. The brand offers it with three different configurations, so the performance will depend on which model you get. The model we got to review came with Intel and Nvidia components.

Our model features the Core i7-9700F processor that can deliver up to 4.7GHz clock speed. This is an Octa-core CPU with 12MB cache and eight threads. So, you can run all the modern games with ultra-settings at high resolution.

Coming to the graphics card, it has the GeForce RTX 2060 with 6GB of GDDR6 VRAM. This is a low-priced GPU with next-generation real-time ray tracing and fabulous visuals. It can render 4K videos with ease which makes a future-proof choice for 1080pgamers. So, you know you own one of the best RTX gaming PCs that can run for years.

Additionally, there is massive combo storage placed with a fast 16GB RAM. HP has put together a massive 2TB hard drive with 2546GB of SSD storage. This, in turn, not only boost up speed but also provides additional space for data. Such an amazing specs list put it amongst high-performance gaming computer PCs of 2021.

Ports & Connectivity

HP has loaded the OMEN 875-0051na with plenty of ports on both front and drear side. On the top front, there are two USB-A 3.1 ports (one with fast charge) and ports for audio/mic. On the rear end, you will find four more USB-A Gen. 1 ports, one USB-A Gen. 2 port, and a USB-C 3.1 (Gen. 2) port.

In addition, there is an HDMI 2.08 output, three DisplayPorts, and three audio outputs. Plus, it has an RJ-45 connector for Ethernet networking. Speaking of wireless connectivity, there is Bluetooth 4.2 (M.2 combo) and Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2×2) which uses 5GHz band.

Gaming performance

The HP OMEN 875-0051na delivers outstanding results that match with high-performance gaming computer PCs. The inclusion of i7-9700F means it can handle demanding AAA titles and run high-resolution games on ultra-settings. So, you know you are buying one of the best RTX gaming PCs which comes with guaranteed performance.

For this review, we evaluated it by running some of the most popular PC games on it. We played PUBG and Grand Theft Auto V on this RTX 2060 super gaming PC. The frame rates we receive were between 100 and 120 fps. We enjoyed its buttery-smooth gameplay with crispy, crystal-clear visuals.

Bottom Lines

All in all, the HP OMEN 875-0051na is arguably one of the best RTX gaming PCs. It is a great gaming PC that features the RTX 2060 GPU. Those who are after high-performance gaming computer PCs, this is an ultimate choice. The inclusion of Core i7 processor with fast memory and hefty storage combo makes it more intriguing.

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