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What is SIM Card And what is Standard size of sim card?

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What is Standard size of Sim Card and its inovation

Cell phones require a SIM card for connectivity and network connection. These small cards are the reason why we can carry smartphones with us anywhere. They offer mobile connectivity and keep you connected with the world wherever you are. You can make a switch as well and move them from one phone to another.

The best part is that your saved contacts will also be transferred to your new mobile phone. Thus, you can stay in contact with your loved phones while appreciating the new device that you just bought.

This article covers the basic question, like what is a SIM card? You will know the types of SIM cards, and the difference between their sizes.

What is SIM Card?

A SIM card or “Subscriber Identity Module” is a small memory chip. Each SIM card bears a unique code that identifies you as a mobile phone user. The code defines your network, country of origin, and gives you a unique user ID. This helps the SIM card to store your user information.

In simple words, the SIM card stores the basic information about the user. This information is then used by the connectivity network for better coverage and services.

Why are there different sizes of SIM cards?

The size of the SIM card depends on your smartphone. At first, there was only standard SIM card phones, but now the market is filled with possibilities. Cell phones became smaller with time which led to tinier SIM cards.

Today’s SIM cards are a lot smaller in size and dimensions. Although larger SIM cards are still in use, modern smartphones are mostly compatible with smaller ones. This allows the manufacturers to make the most of space.

Different Types of SIM Cards

Right now, there are three different sizes of SIM cards.

  • Standard or Mini-SIM card
  • Micro-SIM card
  • Nano SIM card size

The standard or mini-SIM card is the largest among these. This is the original size that is still used in standard SIM card phones. The second one is micro which has less plastic around the circuit board. Nano SIM card size is the smallest and is the trimmed version of the Micro SIM card. The reduced SIM size takes less space but holds the same amount of data.

SIM Card Size Comparison

SIM TypeStandard or Mini-SIMMicro SIMNano-SIM
Form Factor2FF3FF4FF
Length (mm)2515.0012.30
Width (mm)1512.008.80
Height (mm)0.760.760.67

In case you need more details, here is some basic information about each SIM card size.

Standard SIM Card

The standard card size is the older one and was introduced in 1996. Back then it was the standard but now it is called by other names. After the introduction of new sizes, the standard SIM is currently referred to as a regular or mini-SIM card. It might stay with us for a few more years as there are plenty of standard SIM card phones available on the market.

Micro SIM Card

A micro-SIM card is shorter than standard but a little big than a nano-SIM card size. There is no extra plastic around them, but the chip size is almost the same. This size was first used in 2003, so there are still smartphones with micro-SIM cards. However, you will not see modern mobile phones with this SIM card size.

Smartphones that are six or more years older have micro-SIM cards. This was just the scaled-down version of the mini-Sim card. Smartphone manufacturers are no longer producing mobiles of this size.

Nano SIM Card Size

Modern smartphones have nano SIM card size and was introduced in 2012. It is the smallest SIM card right now with no extra plastic around the chip. The circuit size has also been reduced and it is just a small integrated circuit.

What is a combi SIM?

Not all smartphones are standard SIM card phones. Similarly, not every mobile has a micro-SIM card or nano-SIM card size. So, the network provider came up with the combi SIM, which contains all three possible sizes. Combi SIM cards are also known as multi-SIMs or trio SIMs.

A combi SIM has perforations with the SIM card divided into three sizes. You can pop out the size depending on your smartphone. Whether you need a micro-SIM card or a nano SIM card size, you can easily get what you need. And these also fit well into standard SIM card phones.

Can you convert a standard SIM to a nano SIM?

Yes, a combi SIM typically has a nano SIM that you can pop out. But if you have a standard SIM, you can also convert it into a nano-SIM. You can cut it by marking the desired size on the SIM card, but we do not recommend it.

Converting a standard SIM to a nano-SIM is easy but dicey. Doing so might damage your SIM card, so do not take the risk. So, it is better to ask your network for a new SIM card size.


A SIM card is a circuit chip that contains information about the phone user. It connects you with the network and identifies you as an individual user. SIM cards come in three different sizes: mini-SIM card, micro-SIM card, and nano-SIM card size. The standard SIM card phones feature mini-SIMs, but nano SIMs are more common now.

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