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What is the best size monitor for gaming?

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Finding the gaming monitor for your viewing needs can be difficult at times. You need to find the best size monitor with the right resolution, to fulfil your gaming needs. However, to answer what is the best size for monitor to play games is complicated. But we will try to find out, which size is more suitable for your gaming preferences and lifestyle. So let us not waste any more time and get to it.

19 inches to 22-inch Monitor

The monitor which falls into this window can be considered the smallest computer monitor, but it can get the job done. If you are short on space and budget then getting a 19 inches monitor, 21-inch monitor or even a 22 inches monitor, can be the best choice for you guys. Mostly these monitors have 1080p resolution, which seems quite good on a small monitor, because the pixels look more dense the picture clarity is amazing. It is mostly suitable for casual gaming.

24 inches to 25 inches monitor

Another good size which gives you the normal 16:9 aspect ratio, is between 24 to 25 inches display. You can have 1080p resolutions for your viewing needs. Gaming on this size feels quite good because the pixels are dense and smooth. These monitors are not too expensive, so you won’t get any stress on your wallet. Some of the 25 inches monitor are able to give you 1440p resolution as well. It can be best for your Esports gaming and other fighting games.

27 inches to 32 inches Monitor

27 to 32 inches monitors are quite common and can be seen in most of the gaming arenas. They give you great resolution and picture quality for all types of gaming. The screen size can be great if you use more than 1080p resolution, or the pixels will tend to stretch. 1440p resolution seems to work best on 27 inches or higher monitors. 32 inches monitors are suitable for those who need a bigger display.

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If you want to buy a great 27 inches monitor, then our experts recommend AOC Essential-line and AOC Value-line monitors. Both of these monitors are from AOC, which provides you enough specs to play your games in a carefree manner. The refresh rate and response time are great, which let you enjoy your gameplay without any motion blur or lags.

34 inches and higher Monitors

If you want to take your gaming to the next level, then a good 34 inches or higher monitor is the best option for you. These monitors can give you smooth 4K resolution, with crisp and clear picture quality. Playing open world games like GTA 5 or Spider Man, will seem like a cool breeze on hot summer day. With this wide screen you can enjoy the larger-than-life visuals and enjoy every single detail in your games.


Well, these were the most commonly used monitors for gaming. Most of the hardcore gamers use these sizes as per their gaming style. It all boils down to personal preference in the end. It all depends on your gaming style, and the amount of money you are willing to spend on the monitor. But regardless of all this stuff, we will recommend you guys to buy a 27 inches monitor. Our experts have picked the great 27 inches AOC USB monitor for you guys, which has everything you need to fulfill your gaming needs.

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