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Why are gaming laptops more expensive than desktops?

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Lenovo Legion Y740 by Shom Dom

If you are a true gaming freak you have must have been through this question a thousand times, that what to have, a gaming laptop or a gaming desktop? But the question today is why are these gaming laptops so expensive? They are expensive than the desktops of almost the same specs and features.

There are a lot of reasons for this, but the main reason is that the components of a laptop are made much differently, as they are more compact and according to the size of the laptop, which is quite small as compared to the size of a desktop. Let us take a look at some of the factors, which make gaming laptops expensive than a best gaming desktop PC.


As the motherboard in a laptop is much smaller than a cheap gaming desktop computer PC, the components on the motherboard have to be selected carefully, which would provide the best power for their size. The overall layout has to be kept in mind, so that the performance and shielding of the components is accomplished accurately, while not letting them heat-up.


The central processing unit in a laptop is much different than that in a desktop. There is a mobile processor in the laptop, which works in a different way when it comes to the consumption of power. These need to be constructed in a special way, so that they can provide adequate performance, without consuming too much power. These special developments cause more money and make a laptop more expensive, than its desktop counterpart.

Graphics Support:

Dedicated graphics processor is separately soldered on the motherboard, which delivers support for your intense and heavy gaming. It is the main backbone of the best performance laptops or a best gaming desktop PC. Without the proper graphics support power, you cannot even remotely enjoy the high-end games of your choice. When a dedicated graphics processor is placed on the motherboard, additional development is needed to integrate and to cool that extra semiconductor package, on the motherboard. This extra effort becomes the reason for increase in cost. But if you are looking for a cheap gaming desktop computer PC with remarkable gaming ability, then try HP Omen 875.

Cooling System:

The cooling system is most important factor in any gaming laptop. It maintains the overall performance of the system. In a laptop the cooling technology has to be compact and efficient, at the same time. It requires designing the best heat sink with cooling fans of the size that would fit inside your compact laptop body. Making such type of cooling system takes a lot of effort, and that’s why costs a lot more money. If you are looking for a gaming laptop, which is quite good in providing the heat dissipation, then go for Lenovo Legion Y740. It gives good gaming performance while cooling down the temperature, inside your laptop.

What We Got to Know:

These were some of the factors which make a gaming laptop more expensive, than a desktop computer. If you want the power to play your favorite high-end games with the portability factor as well, then you need to spend some extra bucks as well. But it all ends up on your personal preferences. So, go for the laptop or computer which is best for you.

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