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Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive?

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Why are gaming laptops so expensive

Gaming laptops are pricey than regular laptops and cost extra money. You will find them more expensive when compared to business laptops. It is mainly because of the hardware that gaming laptops pack inside. The choice of processor, graphics card, RAM as well as battery and cooling system makes a big difference.

As the saying goes, “there are three biggest investments in a gamer’s life.” If you do not know the answer, it is “a house, a car, and his gaming setup.” Expensive gaming laptops can burn a hole in your pocket.

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In case you are wondering how much does a gaming laptop cost? The best gaming laptops may cost you anything between 1000 and 2000. Though, you can buy a good device from gaming laptops under 1000. It is all about what games you will be playing on it. Still, you can buy two student laptops or Chromebooks for the price of one gaming laptop.

 In case you are still curious why are gaming laptops so expensive? You need to know the reasons why are laptops so expensive than desktop computers.

Reasons Why Gaming Laptops Are So Expensive

This article covers the difference based on gaming laptop vs regular laptop. Also, we have taken points from gaming laptop vs gaming desktop comparison. We have discussed the key factors in detail to satisfy your curiosity.

Design & Customization

Laptops are too expensive than desktop computers mainly because of their design. That is why do laptops cost so much. And when it comes to gaming laptop or gaming PC, most gamers prefer gaming desktops.

Laptops are compact, portable devices that let you game on the go. But aside from being slim and sleek, we all want them to be as functional as possible. So, gaming laptop brands spend money to make gaming laptops portable while ensuring smooth performance. And the extra cash spent on designing adds up to your gaming laptop cost.

Therefore, gaming laptops are so expensive than normal laptops or gaming PCs.

Overheating / Cooling System

Cheap gaming laptops are good for entry or mid-level gaming. However, pro-level players need powerful gaming laptops for competitive gaming at a fast pace. And unlike gaming PCs, laptops tend to overheat quickly when you play games at them. They overheat either due to extra usage of the machine or the high standard performance.

So, the best gaming laptops not only need high-end hardware for smooth gameplay, but also a good cooling system.

Normal laptops do not have a specialized cooling system, hence they cost less than gaming laptops. On the other hand, gaming PCs have big chassis, so it is easy to solve their overheating issues. This is another reason why gaming laptops cost more than their counterparts.

If you still want to enjoy aggressive gameplay on budget gaming laptops. All you need to do is buy a laptop cooling pads. Although laptop cooling pads keep your device cool, they can damage your device

Hardware Cost

The hardware on gaming laptops differs from both normal laptops and gaming PCs. A gaming laptop contains high-end hardware and has more raw power than a regular laptop. It needs a speedy processor as well as more RAM and SSD storage to run heavy games. Therefore, gaming laptops are so expensive than common laptops.

As compared to gaming desktops, the hardware on gaming laptops is compact. Gaming laptop components are designed in a way to fit inside a small chassis. So, manufacturers have to put extra effort to make gaming CPUs and gaming GPUs short. This is an attempt that increases the cost of gaming laptops.

Also, some gaming laptops have hardware that works best with a specific type of components. Since gaming laptops are built for high-end performance, these certain parts raise the cost.

Manufacturing Process

Gaming PCs are customisable, but gaming laptops are a different story. It is hard to customise a gaming laptop and only a few parts can be upgraded. Also, every laptop manufacturer has its own design layout which makes up-gradation difficult. So, you cannot put together components on a gaming laptop easily.

You can upgrade RAM and storage on business or office laptops, and they will be good for another few years. Gaming laptops, on the other hand, depend on processors and graphics cards. Manufacturers have to make components compatible with all the other hardware. Plus, it takes high-quality material to design a gaming laptop that ticks all the right boxes.

Such a tedious manufacturing process is another why gaming laptops are so expensive.

Graphics Card

As highlighted, the hardware on a gaming laptop is different from a gaming PC. And the graphics card is the most important component. It can make or break the performance of your gaming laptop. Regular laptop does not have dedicated GPUs, so they are cheap than gaming laptops.

Gaming desktops have discrete graphics cards, but they are large. To make them fit inside gaming laptops, manufacturers must reduce their size. The process costs money and thus in turn increase the cost of a gaming laptop.

High-end gaming laptops with the latest graphics cards come at a cost. So, if you want to have the best gaming laptop, it is going to be expensive.


Gaming laptops allow you to play games on the go. You can enjoy gaming anywhere, anytime whether you are at home or in college. This is made possible with the help of a rechargeable battery. But like every good thing, this comes with a price tag.

A good gaming laptop comes with a long-lasting battery, one that can run for hours. The bigger the battery, the more juice it can offer to your gaming laptop. And you surely would not want your laptop to drop dead while you are playing, right? This is where a good battery gaming laptop supports you.

However, the additional cost of an enduring battery makes powerful gaming laptops more expensive.


Top brands charge more than cheap gaming brands as they provide quality gaming laptops. But they also cost extra for their brand name and the warranty they offer cost money. It raises the total price and is another reason why do laptops cost so much. The high-end hardware on gaming laptops makes them pricey than regular laptops.

Pro-level gamers prefer building their own gaming desktop computers. This way they get a warranty on each key component, but the overall price remains low. The same goes for prebuilt gaming PCs as they are easy to customize. This is another reason brand-new gaming laptops cost more.

Refurbished gaming laptops are an alternate solution but then you may not have the best gaming machine. They are the cheapest gaming laptops that are professionally restored. These used gaming laptops lack the latest technology and not good for competitive gaming.

Which gaming laptop should you buy?

A 10th generation laptop from Intel core i7 laptops is a good choice in 2021. You must browse 16GB RAM laptops and devices with dedicated graphics cards. And if you need a suggestion, the ASUS ROG Strix gaming laptop is a great pick. This is the best option from RTX 2070 gaming laptops with 1TB SSD.

The Bottom Line

Gaming laptops are expensive because of their specifically customised hardware. They come in a compact, slim chassis of varying size. Gamers mostly prefer 15-inch or 17-inch gaming laptops and they are pricey than normal laptops. The manufacturing process makes gaming laptops more costly than gaming PCs.

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