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Why gaming laptops are better than desktops?

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Laptop vs desktop - which is better

Over the past decade, we have seen so many changed in the gaming industry. It has been literally growing by leaps and bounds, thanks to technological advancements. Today’s processors and graphics cards are now not only more powerful but also smaller in size. As a result, we have seen a rapid performance improvement in gaming laptops. Now, these mobile gaming machines are as capable as gaming computers.

The gaming brands are also trying to manufacture innovative laptops for cheap gaming. We are seeing gaming laptops that are cheaper, faster, and easier to carry around. In fact, the best gaming laptops now go head to head with high-end gaming PCs. So, it is no surprise to see people comparing gaming laptops with gaming computers.

Are gaming laptops better than desktops?

The choice of whether you should buy a gaming desktop or a gaming laptop is somewhat personal. However, we have considered the factors why gaming laptops are better than desktops.


The very reason users search for gaming laptops is their portability. These are mobile gaming machines that come in varying sizes. Truth be told, gaming laptops offer the opportunity to carry them anywhere. Even a 17-inch gaming laptop is still lighter and smaller than a mini gaming PC.

Gaming On the Go

Having gaming laptops means you can take them with you. You can play anytime, anywhere, and could easily pack them in gaming backpacks. Plus, you will not have to buy all the accessories. When you buy a gaming laptop, you wouldn’t be spending on a keyboard, mouse, or monitor.

Whether you are traveling or want to kill free time in college, you can start playing. All you need is to lift the lid and hit the power button.

Which is better for Gaming: laptop or desktop?

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Gaming desktops require power cables and an electricity source to run. But that is not the case with gaming laptops as they carry batteries. You can easily squeeze a few hours of gameplay from your laptop. A good gaming laptop can deliver 4 to 5 hours of gaming on a single charge.


Gaming PCs need computer monitors whereas gaming laptops come with attached screens. The good this is that there are plenty of options available now. You can buy a gaming laptop with varying screen sizes, display panels, and resolutions. You can choose from Full HD laptops, QHD, and 4K laptops with IPS technology. Then there are laptops with panels that can offer different refresh rates.

You can buy 60Hz gaming laptops that are ideal for 1080p gaming. Laptops for gaming with 75Hz refresh rates and Ultra HD laptops are better for fast-paced gameplay. Although there are a few downsides to a laptop display, they are still good for gaming.


Another key factor that gives laptops an edge is the keyboard category. The keyboards on cheap gaming laptops can merely get the job done but they are “free.” But a lot has changed during the last few years. The best gaming laptops now have keyboards that can deliver PC-like performance.

In case you are not pleased with the performance, there is another way. You can also hook up a mechanical keyboard for gaming to your laptop. Besides, there are now gaming laptops with mechanical keyboards that deliver smooth gameplay.

The Bottom Line

The best gaming laptops are lightweight, compact, and as powerful as gaming desktops. They are considerable options for cheap gaming, especially in the entry and mid-level category. You can bring them to a LAN party at a friend’s home and compete with PC gamers. The portability, battery power, display, and free keyboards make gaming laptops better than desktops.

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